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Frequently Asked Question's

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  What experience do you have with dogs and animals?

We have a number of years experience with dogs. From owning a variety of breeds, working at Merrist Wood College and training in Animal care.               

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  Are you insured?

Yes iwalkurdogs has Public Liability Insurance, and we are also covered for loss of keys.  

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  How would my dog be transported?

All dogs are transported in our own large estate vehicles allowing them to feel comfortable and safe as if they are going out with you, there is also the option of a dog crate depending on the owners wishes and what your dogs are used too. 

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  What happens if my dog runs off whilst out on a walk?

All dogs walked with iwalkurdogs must wear an id tag with your/our details. However that being said we do not let dogs run off too far and work on recall during our walks. Obedience, including recall is discussed in more detail during an initial meeting which allows us to talk about any issues or concerns you may have. This can be addressed appropriately.

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  Do you give the dogs treats whilst walking?

Yes but only with your permission. If you have specific treats you would like us to use we are more than happy to oblige.