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 1/2 Hour Walk


 £6    £10

*Any additional dogs will be  charged at a rate of £5 each*


*for 3 dogs boarding for the full day this will incur an additional £10 charge meaning £40 in total*


 1 Hour Walk


£10  £15


 Half Day Board (0-4 hours)

  see additional information below 


 £15   £25


 Day Boarding (4-8 hours)

  see additional information below   

 £20  £30


 Pet Sitting


From £30



Additional information

The time stated above for the walks is the actual walk time and not including transport and cleaning etc

Weekend and Bank Holiday Walking & Boarding are charged at a rate of time and a half   (Boarding will be charged at normal rates if included in 4 days or more stays)

Christmas day and New Years day Walking & Boarding are charged at a rate of Double time 

Christmas Close Period walking is also charged at a rate of time and a half   


  •  Early drop offs and late pick ups will incur additional charges unless discussed and agreed in advance.
  •  Collection/drop off following overnight boarding before 12 noon and no walk required incurs no additional charges.
  •  If a walk is required before 12 noon collection/drop off normal walk charges apply. 
  •  If collection/drop off is after 12 noon then additional day boarding rates will apply.